Some Ideas


So, I’ve been thinking lately, “How can I integrate more of the Aztec culture into the system itself?” and came up with a couple ideas.

First, why not, instead of using attributes, I use cardinal directions instead? Or something else entirely, something connected to Aztec culture?
Second, do I really want one flat target number to determine pass/fail? Or do I want to make it scalable, where the number of white dots face up determines the degree of success?
Third, should I make a defined list of “traits” and their associated bonuses? Or should I keep it more free-form, and allow players to come up with their own material?
And lastly, changing the way you determine starting scores is something I’ve really been struggling with. I’m not happy with the way it is now. Try this: your 5 attributes start at 3. If you want to raise one of those, you need to subtract 2 points from one score or 1 from two scores.