Core Mechanic
Sabotage & Suns uses two-sided dice (d2), with one side representing 0, and the other representing 1. Players that wish to resolve an action that has a chance of failing roll 5 d2’s (referred to as 5d, or simply “roll dice”) and add their attribute score to the total. If the total equals or is greater than 6, the player succeeds.

Attribute Scores
Each character has 5 scores: Agility, Brawn, Faith, Ingenuity, and Leadership. Each score ranges from 1 to 5. A score of 1 costs no points, 2 costs one point, 3 costs two points, 4 costs four points, and 5 costs eight points. Players get 10 points to spend on attributes to start.

When creating a character, you may choose 2 traits. These traits are one or two descriptive words for your character, and provide a minor, +1, bonus to certain rolls. Work with your Game Moderator (GM) to come up with ideas for your character, and which rolls the bonus is applied to.

Sabotage & Suns Copyright 2010, Jason Beardsley

Sabotage & Suns is released under the Open Game License. Anyone can use the it for free under the terms of the OGL. This page contains all of the open rules in the system, and is provided for the use of the gaming community.


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