Going though all my notes, I’ve been trying to decide whether or not S&S would be a human-only historically motivated game, or a fantasy RPG with other fantastic races. There are points to be made for both sides, but in the end I’ve decided on the former. Remember, though it’s a “historically motivated” game, it’s still a game of fantasy. It’s still full of magic, heroes, and even the walking dead!
The default setting takes place in one of many city-states populating the region. Some are trying to overtake their neighbors, others trying to form alliances. Kings wage wars against neighboring kings, priests trying to raise undead metropolises, and the characters are in the middle of it all. S&S will provide enough variety that you could run a hack and slash, mystery/intrigue, or a story driven adventure.
Also, there will be options to tailor the game to your needs. So, if you want more of a fantastic game, alternate race options, such as a race of Serpentfolk, will be provided in a future supplement!

Happy Gaming!


Contests & Creation


It was looking to be a normal holiday season near mid December, and I had been on twitter sparsely since my move to New York state. I happened to glance at a contest that was going on, and I decided to enter. I figured it would be nice to try, yet didn’t expect to win anything. However, that was not the case, and I did, in fact, win the contest.
The same day I found out I won, I entered another contest. The excitement of actually winning was coursing through my veins, and thought “oh, what the heck”. Then the contest ended, and found out that I had won, yet again. People were excited, and some a bit jealous, that I’d won twice in a row.
I had entered a third contest. This is where S&S comes in.
A couple people started joking around, saying I was herculean, and had a high charisma. This group started “plotting” against me (in jest, of course), and tried to think of ways to kill a god. They wanted to sabotage my chances of winning (again, all a joke), and the only way to do so was to destroy me. One such idea was to throw me into the sun.
Then someone spoke up with an idea. The idea that “Sabotage & Suns” sounds like an Aztec/Mayan RPG. I really liked that idea. I figured, if nobody’s done it before, why don’t I? Designing and publishing my own RPG has been something I’ve always wanted to do. And I can’t sit around asking advice from everyone. At some point I have to just go and do it.
That’s what S&S is to me. It’s my first real attempt to put my name out in public doing something I love, and want to make a business from.
Very special thanks to @jonathanshade and @obsidianportal for the laughs, inspiration, and the name of my first RPG.

Hello RPG world!


Beardsley Games is my new project, and my goal for it is to start out as an RPG publisher. The company will be working on it’s first RPG to be released later this year titled Sabotage & Suns, named in “old school” tradition. S&S has strong Aztec and Mayan inspirations, and is aimed to be a “radio theatre” style game in which the game moderator narrates the details of the world the players take part in.

I will see you next week with a more news on S&S, including how it came into being 😉