It seems to me that the game would be incomplete if there weren’t something like ‘traits’ to further define your character. Perhaps you’re playing as a great warrior who shrugs off all but the mightiest blows, you’d probably have Toughness or Battle Frenzy. Maybe you’re playing as an expert marksman who can single out targets from incredible distances, you’d most likely have Archery or Guiding Wind. In keeping it simple, write down one or two defining qualities of your character, one or two words each, and use those as traits. As far as mechanics go, let them grant +1 to an attribute, or +2 when rolling for a specific instance of an attribute check. Go out there and toss some beans!

As always, Game On!


2 Responses to “Traits”

  1. Stuart said

    Since I’m already using the “one or two words” for attributes, I like this idea very much.

    Risus takes this even further making the entire game based around the idea.

    • Thank you, Stuart! I’m a fan of simplicity. Anything I can do to make less to remember for myself, the better. I really have a bad memory, ask anyone I game with 🙂

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