Amendment, Rituals


Last week we took a peek at the core mechanic for Sabotage & Suns. We also looked at purchasing points in attributes, and I asked you if it was enough. We came to the conclusion that it’s not. In last weeks post, we said attributes ranged from 0 to 4. I’d like to correct that to range from 1 to 5. Attributes still follow the same point-buy system, simply bumped up by one. An attribute of 2 costs one point, 3 costs two, 4 costs four, and 5 costs eight.

Now let’s talk a little about Faith. Your character’s Faith attribute, that is. The most important aspect of Faith is that it’s the governing attribute for magic. It represents your devotion to the Gods, your conviction to your beliefs, and how strong your connection to the Divine is. In S&S, magic is ritualistic. That is to say, you don’t just “cast a spell” to buff your allies. You set up your altar, you make an offering to the appropriate god, and bless your companions. Be descriptive when narrating your ritual. This could give your companions a slight edge in the upcoming war with the neighboring king, in their mission to steal from the royal treasury, or trying to convince the seamstress to give you a discount on expensive garments. Don’t forget it’s all about rituals. It may be a small, private ceremony, or it could be a big public event. The bigger and more important the ritual, the greater of sacrifice is needed.

So, grab a notecard, write your attributes and scores, toss some beans, and test the basic system. Of course more will be on it’s way, we’re working out the kinks and still fleshing the system. Any feedback would be welcome. Email us, let us know if you have any issues, explain any problems with the system and an idea of what you might do to remedy that.

Game on!


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