Something for Everyone


Going though all my notes, I’ve been trying to decide whether or not S&S would be a human-only historically motivated game, or a fantasy RPG with other fantastic races. There are points to be made for both sides, but in the end I’ve decided on the former. Remember, though it’s a “historically motivated” game, it’s still a game of fantasy. It’s still full of magic, heroes, and even the walking dead!
The default setting takes place in one of many city-states populating the region. Some are trying to overtake their neighbors, others trying to form alliances. Kings wage wars against neighboring kings, priests trying to raise undead metropolises, and the characters are in the middle of it all. S&S will provide enough variety that you could run a hack and slash, mystery/intrigue, or a story driven adventure.
Also, there will be options to tailor the game to your needs. So, if you want more of a fantastic game, alternate race options, such as a race of Serpentfolk, will be provided in a future supplement!

Happy Gaming!


3 Responses to “Something for Everyone”

  1. Mark said

    I addressed a similar decision, though to say I ‘wrestled’ with it would imply there was some sort of contest. I went strongly for the human-only, historically-motivated (sub?)genre with an even lower magic content than yours, but I too carefully calibrated the setting to accommodate all major play styles. It’s impossible to *really* have something for everyone, even with a kitchen sink universal system, since some people want a focused game. All you can really hope for is something for enough people.

    • Understood. Perhaps “Something for Everyone” was the wrong title then. Sure it’ll have some magic, and elements of fantasy, but, like any game, the GM can modify it however he/she sees fit.
      Thanks for following me thus far, and thank you for the tips/advice you’ve provided 🙂

  2. Calvino said

    Same here. Human only with low magic. Although, after developing a way for characters to play as werewolves or vampires (through a “curse” that develops in levels alongside you), we figured why not have a supplement that will allow for Elf, Dwarf, or what-have-you “curses” that work mechanically the same. I like this solution also, because it reiterates the popular fairy tale warning: Play with faeries too long, and you’ll be snatched away and become one!

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