Hello RPG world!


Beardsley Games is my new project, and my goal for it is to start out as an RPG publisher. The company will be working on it’s first RPG to be released later this year titled Sabotage & Suns, named in “old school” tradition. S&S has strong Aztec and Mayan inspirations, and is aimed to be a “radio theatre” style game in which the game moderator narrates the details of the world the players take part in.

I will see you next week with a more news on S&S, including how it came into being 😉


7 Responses to “Hello RPG world!”

  1. bonefather said

    Welcome aboard.

  2. Mark said

    Welcome to the community.

    IMO Sabotage & Suns doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Three syllables to one. I get where Suns comes in – a Mesoamerican setting alone makes this more interesting than 90% of the games out there – but Sabotage?

    And “‘radio theatre’ style”? As opposed to…what?

  3. As the game is still in its infancy, the details of the setting is still being hashed out. Also, how the name came about is going to be in next week’s post. I tend to separate RPGs into two general categories of ‘radio theatre’ and ‘tabletop’. So, when I say tabletop rpg, I mean an rpg you use miniatures for.

  4. Mark said

    Ah. When I say ‘tabletop’ I mean one where you’re sitting at a table, as opposed to LARP or MMO. I rarely use miniatures, but I don’t think that level of distinction is really standard usage.

  5. I listen to a fair amount of radio theatre, alot of Doctor who. Yet for some reason i’ve never thought of using it as a metaphor for play style. I think i’m going to swipe it’s use from you to describe those P&P games that don’t use minis or are mini light enough that i choose not to use them stylistically. I never really needed a distinction between table top and radio theatre style until i played some 4th edition, where is you aren’t using minis then you are one heck of a dm to be tracking all that’s going on in your head. In 2ed and 3ed i never bothered with mini’s.

    *is long winded*

    Now for my main point, I think an aztec mayan game would be pretty cool, i have personally never ran a game with a more native feel. I’m think it would be cool to include some Native american stuff in there too, depending on how focused your game is regionally. I could see it being cool to do an Native Americas (south and north) game. Although you could always start more focused and release more Northern groups as an expansion. Will keep my eyes on this!

    • I wish I could take credit for calling it ‘radio theatre’ style gaming, but I read the term on one of the many blogs I read and can’t, for the life of me, remember who used it before I. Thank you for the feedback! I seem to be generating positive interest in the concept of a Mesoamerican game setting. I certainly will do my best to deliver!

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